Centering Indigenous and Oppressed Voices in School Psychology Teaching and Practice

This episode focuses on Indigenous Americans and covers some of the issues indigenous communities face in the United States, the role of colonial policies in displacement and cultural erasure, and resources that can help educators best support indigenous students and families. This podcast can also be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.  

Meet the Participants

Dan Florell (Host)
Dan Florell, PhD, NCSP, is an Associate Professor at Eastern Kentucky University and the NASP Online Communication Coordinator and Historian.
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Shereen Naser (Facilitator)
Dr. Shereen Naser is an assistant professor at Cleveland State University, in the school psychology program.
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Elvina Charley (Guest)
Elvina J. Charley, MA, EdS, is an Indigenous School Psychologist Practitioner serving youth and families on the Navajo Nation, also NASP Cochair Indigenous American Subcommittee of the Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC).
Follow Elvina on Twitter: @ElvinaCharley 

Breeana Galster (Guest)
Breeana Galster, a member of Acjachemen Nation, is a second year graduate student in San Diego State University's School Counseling Program and second year Native Scholar in the NAISC Project.
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Tiffany Haswood (Guest)
Tiffany Haswood is a graduate student in the School Psychology program at San Diego State University and on the Native American & Indigenous Scholars and Collaborators Project.
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Nora Neztsosie (Guest)
Nora Neztsosie, MS, is a Diné (Navajo) School Psychologist Trainee at San Diego State University actively involved in supporting Native youth and making a difference in restoring harmony for Native youth and communities.
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Carol Robinson-Zañartu (Guest)
Carol Robinson-Zañartu is Professor Emerita, School Psychology Program at San Diego State University, Director of Native American Scholars and Collaborators Projects, and a founding member of NASP's Native American Task Force/Work Group.
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