An Introduction to the #SP4SJ Series

This episode explores the definition of social justice, how the social justice lens is utilized in various roles, and why social justice matters to school psychologists. Podcast participants also discuss what social justice means to them personally and where they think the work of the field should go next within a social justice framework. This podcast can also be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

Meet the Participants

Dan Florell (Host)
Dan Florell, PhD, NCSP, is an Associate Professor at Eastern Kentucky University and the NASP Online Communication Coordinator and Historian.
Follow Dan on Twitter: @schoolpsychtech.

Shereen Naser (Facilitator)
Dr. Shereen Naser is an assistant professor at Cleveland State University, in the school psychology program.
Follow Shereen on Twitter: @ShereenCNaser.

Charles Barrett (Guest)
Charles Barrett, PhD, NCSP, is a school psychologist with Loudoun County Public Schools.
Follow Charles on Twitter: @cab5397.

Khadijah Cyril (Guest)
Khadijah Cyril is a current PhD student in School Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. Follow Khadijah on Twitter: @KhadijahCyril.

Dave Shriberg (Guest)
David Shriberg, PhD, is a school psychologist and Professor of Education at Loyola University Chicago.
Follow Dave on Twitter: @DrDaveShriberg.

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