Bilingual School Psychology Certification

NASP often receives questions regarding the competencies needed to assess students who are English Language Learners (ELL's). While NASP does not offer bilingual certification, a list of school psychology training programs with a multicultural focus, bilingual specialization, or a language immersion program is available. In addition, the Bilingual School Psychology Interest Group provides a discussion forum to assist NASP members with questions related to this issue.  NASP has a position statement on The Provision of School Psychological Services to Bilingual Students.

A national survey was conducted in 2014 by Sotelo-Dynega to determine which states have a credential for bilingual school psychologists.Currently only New York and Illinois offer the bilingual credential for school spychologists and/or other educational personnel. 

New York - Bilingual Extension The New York State Education Department offers a bilingual education extension that is not specific to the practice of school psychology.

Illinois Bilingual Special Education Approval The Illinois State Board of Education offers a Bilingual Special Education Approval open to any individual with a School Service Personnel Certificate endorsed for School Psychologist.  The credential is also available to other teachers and related services personnel. More information is available through the Illinois School Psychologists Association.