St. John's University

Specialist and Doctoral Program

St. John's has two special "Bilingual Tracks" that are designed to help students meet the state requirements for certification as Bilingual School Psychologists. Providing both an education as well as practical experience in working with ethnic minority children in the schools is consistent with the mission of the University in terms of its commitment to Vincentian service to the disadvantaged, underprivileged and efforts to promote social justice. We remain committed to recruiting and retaining students from diverse backgrounds and providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to serve children in the schools who are much like themselves. We have trained students to work with culturally and linguistically diverse populations, irrespective of their own cultural/linguistic backgrounds (that is, it's not just the students in the bilingual track who get this training) and over the years we have graduated students from at least two dozen different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Specialized Training Experiences

  • Grants: N/A
  • Immersions: N/A

Retention & Recruitment

Funding is available through the program that covers all or a portion of the student's tuition and/or related fees.  The focus of the funding is specific to working with multicultural populations. In addition, special materials are used to recruit candidates from CLD backgrounds along with special retention strategies.

Field Placements

The program is situated in one of the most diverse counties (Queens) in the entire U.S. Hence, students are provided opportunities to work with an extremely broad range of children in the schools and assigned to supervisors that have had training or experience working with diverse populations.


Core faculty whose focus of interest and research is related to multicultural/ diverse populations include: Samuel Ortiz, PhD and Marlene Sotelo-Dynega, PsyD

Program Specifics

As part of the curriculum at St. Johns University, a combination of required multicultural courses and content infused throughout the curriculum are used to enhance learning and competency in diversity issues.

  • Degree Awarded:  MS, PsyD degree in School Psychology
  • Total number of credits: MS: 66 semester/hours: PsyD: 107 semester/hours
  • NASP-Approved: Yes
  • Bilingual Specialization: Yes, bilingual university training program registered with the New York State Education Department
  • Student Demographics: Not listed

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