San Diego State University, NASP Approved

Specialist Level
The mission of the School Psychology Program is to prepare school psychologists who integrate educational, psychological, and social and cultural foundations with relevant disciplines to create and engender a vision of educational equity in the public schools.  These school psychologists design, organize and deliver services to meet the needs of the diverse children, youth, families, and communities served by these schools.  Their professional effectiveness is enhanced by strong personal, interpersonal, and leadership qualities.  They are committed to their own life-long learning and to influencing the professions which serve children, especially culturally and linguistically diverse children, in the schools.

Student Demographics

More than 80% of students come from traditionally underrepresented groups. Comprehensive Program The School Psychology program at SDSU is considered to have comprehensive model of training and financial support. Comprehensive programs are those that include student minority representation, multicultural curricular emphasis, faculty members involved in minority research and outreach, recruitment and financial retention strategies in the form of research and training grants.

Specialized Training Experiences

  • Grants: SDSU has a 20+ year history of offering multicultural and/or culture-specific specializations funded by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE). Currently, the SDSU school psychology program has 3 USDOE grants totaling $ 4.1 million dollars. All grants focus on a range of diversity issues that assist in covering student tuition, books, conference travel etc. For detailed information on these grants please see the following:
  • Immersions: Summer Immersion to Mexico- For the past several years students have been funded to go to Mexico (Guanajuato, Merida, Oaxaca, &Vera Cruz) to enhance student Spanish-language skills, cultural awareness, and familiarity with school systems.

Retention & Recruitment

SDSU uses a multifaceted approach to recruitment and retention of CLD students. Admissions criteria are: academic, professional, interpersonal, and cross-cultural readiness. Grant funding is available through the program that covers all or a portion of the student's tuition and/or related fees (funding is competitive and students must apply).  The focus of the funding is specific to working with multicultural populations. In addition, special materials are used to recruit candidates from CLD backgrounds along with special retention strategies. Field Placements San Diego is one of the most culturally, linguistically and ethnically diverse cities in the U.S. As such, students are provided with fieldwork, practicum and internship placements in schools serving a high number of CLD students and assigned to supervisors that have had training or experience working with diverse populations.


Faculty Profiles All faculty are involved in community outreach or providing direct service to specific populations. Core faculty whose focus of interest and research is related to multicultural/diverse populations includes: Tonika Duren-Green, PhD (Director) Colette L. Ingraham, PhD, Katina Lambros, PhD and Emerita Faculty Carol Robinson Zañartu, PhD 

Program Specifics

As part of the curriculum at SDSU, several courses are required that focus on a range of multicultural, cross-cultural or bilingual issues.  In addition, multicultural content is infused throughout the curriculum to further enhance learning and competency.

  • Degree Awarded:  EdS degree in School Psychology and the California Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology
  • Total number of credits: 100+ semester/hours
  • NASP-Approved: Yes
  • Bilingual Specialization: Yes

Contact Information

Phone: (619) 594-6109