Ohio State University, NASP Approved

Specialist and Doctoral Programs

The foundation for the School Psychology program at The Ohio State University is based on socio-cultural theories of psychological and educational practices with youth. Socio-cultural theories encompass social cognition and social behavioral principles of understanding and working with a diversity of youth in America's schools. Children do not experience life in a vacuum, but do so within socio-cultural contexts such as school, home, and community. The focus of the School Psychology program is service delivery across many different settings with a particular emphasis on children in urban settings. Within this framework, students are trained as scientist-practitioners who function as data-based decision makers and collaborative problem solvers. The program has a commitment to diversity at the research, training, and service levels.

Student Demographics

At least 25 % of students come from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Specialized Training Experiences

  • Grants: N/A
  • Immersions: N/A

Retention & Recruitment

Special materials are used to recruit candidates from CLD backgrounds along with special retention strategies.

Field Placements

All students have their practicum experience their second year in an urban school district that serves a high number of CLD students.


Core faculty whose focus of interest and research is related to multicultural/ diverse populations includes:

Dr. Laurice Joseph, Dr. Antoinette Miranda, Dr. Kisha Radliff

Program Specifics

As part of the curriculum at The Ohio State University, a combination of required multicultural courses and content infused throughout the curriculum are used to enhance learning and competency in diversity issues. In addition, OSU has an urban and social justice specialty focus.

  • Degree Awarded: MA, EdS, PhD
  • Total number of credits: MA: 33 semester hours; EdS: 71 semester hours (including masters) and internship; PhD: 112 semester hours
  • NASP-Approved: Yes
  • Bilingual Specialization: No