Lehigh University, NASP Approved

Specialist and Doctoral Program

Specialized Training Experiences

  • Grants: N/A
  • Immersions: N/A

Retention & Recruitment

Funding is available through the program that covers all or a portion of the student's tuition and/or related fees. The focus of the funding is specific to working with multicultural populations. In addition, special materials are used to recruit candidates from CLD backgrounds along with special retention strategies.

Field Placements

Students are provided with placements in schools serving a high number of CLD students and assigned to supervisors that have had training or experience working with diverse populations.


Faculty profiles can be viewed at www.lehigh.edu/~ineduc/degree_programs/school_psych/faculty/fac_open.htmCore faculty whose focus of interest and research is related to multicultural/ diverse populations includes: Patricia H. Manz

Program Specifics

The program requires a course in diversity and multicultural perspectives. In addition, multicultural issues are infused throughout the content of all clinical courses. Students are required to have at least a portion of their practica in urban, diverse environments. Lehigh maintains a standing committee related to diversity which is comprised of students and faculty. The program has faculty that lead the university-wide efforts in diversity, and also several faculty who conduct research specifically related to diverse populations. Around 20% of students in the program are from CLD backgrounds.

  • Degree Awarded: EdS, PhD
  • Total number of credits: EdS: 66 semester hours; PhD: 99 semester hours
  • NASP-Approved: Yes
  • Bilingual Specialization: N/A
  • Student Demographics: N/A

Contact Information

Phone: 610-758-3256