Fordham University- Lincoln Center, NASP Approved

Specialist and Doctoral Programs

Fordham University's School Psychology Program prepares professionals for positions in PreK-12 schools, mental health settings, and independent psychological practice.

Student Demographics

Approximately 80% of students who pursue the Bilingual PD speak Spanish; the remaining 20% are fluent in a variety of other languages (e.g., Chinese, Hebrew, Greek)

Specialized Training Experiences

  • Grants: Fordham participates in the New York City  Department of Education (DOE) Psychologist in Training (PIT) program. As part of this partnership, qualified bilingual students receive a funded internship. Currently, three students are completing their PIT internship and one student has recently been accepted to the PIT program. Fordham also participates in the New York City DOE Scholarship program. Through this partnership, qualified bilingual students receive full tuition support. Currently, three students are funded through the New York City DOE Scholarship. Some limited scholarship or graduate assistantship support is available.
  • Immersions: In recent years Fordham students have participated in immersion programs in Ecuador and research activities in Honduras, Ghana, Malawi, and Equatorial Guinea.

Retention & Recruitment

Funding is available through the program that covers all or a portion of the student's tuition and/or related fees. The focus of the funding is specific to working with multicultural populations. In addition, special materials are used to recruit candidates from CLD backgrounds along with special retention strategies.

Field Placements

Candidates who are in the Bilingual PD program must complete their practica in settings where they have access to work with a culturally and linguistically diverse population, more specifically where they will use their language skills in working with this population. Candidates must also pass the New York State Bilingual Evaluation Assessment (BEA) in the target language before being eligible for internship. Their internship has to be completed in a setting that allows bilingual practice. Each year, we have Bilingual PD students admitted to New York City Psychology-In-Training internship program, which is sponsored by New York City Department of Education, to serve bilingual children enrolled in high-need public schools. Upon graduation, the bilingual candidates will be certified in the State of New York and receive a bilingual extension. 


Faculty profiles can be viewed here. At least one member of the faculty is involved in community outreach or providing direct service to specific populations. Core faculty whose focus of interest and research is related to multicultural/diverse populations includes:

Program Specifics

As part of the curriculum at Fordham University, a combination of required multicultural courses and content infused throughout the curriculum are used to enhance learning and competency in diversity issues.

  • Degree Awarded: BiPD in Bilingual School Psychology; PD and PhD in School Psychology. PD refers to a Professional Diploma/Advanced Certificate in School Psychology.
  • Total Credits: BiPD 66 semester/hours; PD 66 semester/hours; PhD 12 semester/hours of courses related to multicultural education.
  • NASP-Approved: Doctoral (yes); Specialist (Conditional Approval)
  • Bilingual Specialization: Yes

Contact Information

  • Phone: (212) 636-6400
  • Email: