About School Psychology Forum (SPF)

School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice (SPF) was a refereed journal published electronically by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) from 2006–2019. SPF was an outlet for making high-level scholarship accessible and relevant to the practice of professional school psychology; a forum for hosting the scholarly treatment and scientific evaluation of clinical, legal, school, policy, practice, and professional issues; an opportunity for readers to contribute by making suggestions, discussing posted articles, and engaging in active leadership for the direction of our field; and an approach to extend information from scholars beyond the professional borders and national borders. 

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of SPF was to provide readers an interactive forum to access, discuss, and expand on critical, current issues related to children's learning and mental health with the explicit goal of supporting school-based practitioners' ability to improve outcomes for students, families, and schools. Both the focus of the content and the internet format allowed information from school psychology to reach out and inform the practice of school psychologists and all relevant professions from around the world.

Content and Focus

SPF had theme issues consisting of invited articles for specific theme issues and general issues consisting of unsolicited manuscripts. SPF published original research, program evaluations, literature reviews, and reviews of evidence-based practices. Case studies and scholarly treatment of policy and legal issues were also considered. All articles explicitly advanced the practice of school psychology with concrete and actionable recommendations.

General Information

ISSN: 1938-2243

Published Quarterly

Acceptance Rate ≈ 25%

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  • ERIC
  • ProQuest
  • PsycINFO

Current Editor

Oliver W. Edwards
University of Central Florida
E-mail: owedwards@ucf.edu

Associate Editor

Diana Joyce-Beaulieu
University of Florida
E-mail: djoyce@coe.ufl.edu


Editorial Review Board

Kathleen Aspiranti
Youngstown State University
John Begeny
North Carolina State University
Stacy L. Bender
University of Massachusetts Boston
Alissa Briggs
University of Kentucky
Carmelo Callueng
Rowan University
Tai A. Collins
University of Cincinnati
Jennifer M. Cooper
National Louis University
Tricia Crosby-Cooper
National University
John Desrochers
Westport, Connecticut
Christopher Drapeau
Valparaiso University
Daniel Drevon
Central Michigan University
John Froiland
Purdue University
Sally L. Grapin
Montclair State University
Cristin Hall
Penn State University
John Hall
Arkansas State University
Jessica Hoffman
Northeastern University
Jessie Kember
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Donna Kreskey
California State University–Chico
Tamika P. La Salle
University of Connecticut
Chieh Li
Northeastern University
Huijun Li
Florida A&M University
Daniel McCleary
Stephen F. Austin State University
Sarah Ochs
Western Kentucky University
Leandra Parris
Illinois State University
Tracy Paskiewicz
University of Massachusetts Boston
Shawna Peterson-Brown
Minnesota State University
Tara Raines
University of Denver
Jennifer L. Reynolds
University of Toledo
Thomas Schanding
University of Houston-Clear Lake
Brandon K. Schultz
East Carolina University
Jeffrey D. Shahidullah
Rutgers University
Kim Sherman
Tulane University
Dave Shriberg
Loyola University
Bradley Smith
University of Houston
Marsha Spencer
University of Arizona
Devadrita Talapatra
University of Denver
Ashli Tyre
Seattle University
Richard VanVoorhis
Youngstown State University
Kathleen Waldron-Soler
Eastern Washington University
Sara Whitcomb
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Garry Wickerd
University of Southern Maine
Gabrielle Wilcox
University of Calgary


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