Position Opening: Editor-Elect of School Psychology Review

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) is conducting a search for Editor-Elect of its flagship journal, School Psychology Review (SPR). Readership of the journal includes NASP membership and institutional subscribers.

Aims and Scope

As a quarterly, refereed publication, SPR draws broadly from a range of disciplines (e.g., educational, child clinical, pediatric, counseling psychology; education and special education) to advance research and inform practice in school psychology and related fields. In line with NASP’s goal of advancing effective practices to improve students’ learning, behavior, and mental health, preference is given to original, data-based, methodologically rigorous manuscripts that include a discussion of both relevant theory and implications for practice or policy. Most submissions are for consideration as General Articles. Manuscripts may also be considered as Research Briefs or for the Research into Practice and Children, Research, and Public Policy sections. Manuscript submission is online and is subject to initial appraisal by the Editor. If found suitable for further consideration, manuscripts are anonymously reviewed by members of the Editorial Review Board. One issue per year is typically reserved for a guest-edited special issue on a timely, highly relevant topic to school psychology and the field of education more broadly.

Editor’s Responsibilities

The Editor of School Psychology Review is responsible for (a) implementing a shared vision that will advance the journal, (b) selecting and evaluating the members of the Editorial Advisory Board; (c) selecting and coordinating the work of the Associate Editors, (d) processing and evaluating manuscripts; (e) evaluating and selecting proposals for special issues; (f) maintaining overall quality control and content of the journal; and (g) communicating regularly with NASP leadership. NASP is currently seeking an external publisher for the journal and the new editor-elect will participate in that transition. We seek an accomplished scholar who will collaborate with the publisher in increasing the reach and impact of the journal on the field.

The Editor is a member of the NASP Publications Committee and works closely with several NASP staff members, as well as staff from NASP’s publishing partner to be named in the Spring of 2019. Support is provided to the editor to offset some costs associated with editorial duties (e.g., stipend, clerical assistance). Travel to the SPR Editorial Board meeting at the NASP Annual Convention is required and funded by NASP.

Editor’s Term

The appointment will be made by September 15, 2019. The selected individual will serve as Editor-Elect from January–December 2020 and as Editor from January 2021–December 2026. The 5-year appointment as Editor is nonrenewable.

Application Process

A letter of intent and application materials should be sent electronically to the attention of Denise Ferrenz, Director for Publications no later than May 31, 2019.

Materials must include:

  1. A current and comprehensive vita, including all professional publications, activities in professional organizations, professional memberships, academic preparation, employment history and related experience.
  2. A description of any previous experience and evidence of editorial activities, including familiarity with online peer review systems.
  3. A statement of the applicant’s vision for and suggested approaches to the task of editing School Psychology Review. For example:
    1. Projections regarding future trends in school psychology practice and research
    2. Potential future content for School Psychology Review
    3. Plans for implementing future editorial responsibilities, including communication with authors and contacts with the Publications Committee, leadership, and membership of NASP.
  4. A description of the applicant’s institutional/employment responsibilities if appointed to the position of Editor. That is, the applicant should provide information about the time that can be committed to editorial responsibilities. The applicant should be as specific as possible regarding obligations and responsibilities of current employment and their potential impact on activities required for Editor of School Psychology Review.
  5. Verification by an appropriate institutional official of agreed upon arrangements for the applicant’s work as Editor of School Psychology Review. A letter must be included from the applicant’s immediate supervisor or higher administrative official documenting institutional support and any special arrangements, including financial, that may be provided by the employer if the applicant is appointed as Editor (e.g., released time, availability of editorial or graduate assistants).
  6. A statement that the applicant is a regular member in good standing of the National Association of School Psychologists.
  7. Three letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant’s professional and personal qualifications for the position of Editor with one letter specifically addressing applicant’s editorial experience.

Applications should not exceed 10 double-spaced pages (12 point type and 1 inch margins). Letters of recommendation and curriculum vita should be included in appendices and do not count against this limit.

Applications are due no later than May 31, 2019 and will be screened in June-July, 2019. The search committee will interview selected applicants in August, 2019 via a virtual meeting platform. Appointment of Editor-Elect will be made by the NASP President, with approval of the Board of Directors, by September 15, 2019.

Individuals interested in applying for the position are encouraged to contact Dr. Amy Reschly, current Editor of School Psychology Review; Dr. Kara McGoey, Acting Chair of the NASP Publications Committee; or Dr. Celeste Malone, Strategic Liaison for NASP Board of Directors, with questions about responsibilities, resources, or the application process.

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