Communiqué Volume 47, Number 8 (June 2019)

Featured Article

Crossover Youth and Multisystem Collaboration—Part 2

By Anna Benton

Part two in the series, this article on crossover youth and multisystem collaboration describes barriers to collaborating between service systems, and offers both research and practice recommendations to bridge the gap.


NCSP Parity in Colorado: Grassroots Campaign Leads to Positive Outcome for School Psychologists

By Melanie M. Potyondy

This article describes a successful effort by Colorado school psychologists to advocate for legislation to provide stipends ranging from $1,600 to $4,800 to those possessing the NCSP credential. Tips for pursuing this kind of legislative agenda are provided.

Professional Practice

Professional Misconceptions of the Supreme Court's Decision in Endrew F.

By Perry A. Zirkel

This article addresses quality concerns about articles in the school psychology and special education literature regarding the Endrew F. case. It critiques representative articles from this literature and offers recommendations for improving coverage of legal topics in these fields.

Student Connections

How to Turn Coursework Into a Publication

By Megan E. Johnson

Projects, papers, and presentations consume our time during our graduate education, but who says that the work should only be shared within the classroom? The time it takes to complete many of these projects mirrors the time and effort put into a draft of a published manuscript.

Research-Based Practice

Using State-Level Surveys to Evaluate School Climate Improvement

By Tania Jarosewich, Paul Baker & Howie Knoff

School climate is linked to a host of student outcomes from achievement to overall mental well-being. School psychologists are well positioned to assist schools and school districts to facilitate change by focusing on improving their climates. This article describes how this was done by three school psychologists leveraging tools that were part of an existing statewide evaluation system.

Communication Matters

Leadership in Action Spotlight: Increasing the School Psychology Workforce in Independence, Missouri

By Amanda Witting & Breanna Elton

This article describes the advocacy effort by school psychologists in a Missouri school district that resulted in an increase in staffing from one to six full-time school psychologists, lowering the district ratio from 1:11,500 to 1:2,500. The increase in staffing led to delivery of more comprehensive services to students and school staff.

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