Communiqué Volume 47, Number 4 (December 2018)

Featured Article

Administrative Supervision: Underdefined (And Dangerous?) Territory

By Karen L. Monahan

This article highlights concerns regarding the lack of clear professional guidance for administrative supervisors, issues of liability, distinctions between various supervisory roles when supervising certified staff, the responsibility of supporting implementation of evidence-based practices, and more.


Meeting Challenges in Metro Nashville Public Schools

By Rivka I. Olley

This article focuses on the changing role of school psychologists within the overall evolution underway in the Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Professional Practice

Parent Advocates Champion Evidence-Based Practice Under the Banner of Dyslexia—Part 2

By Robert Lichtenstein

This second part of the three-part series on the parent-led dyslexia advocacy movement describes the rapid escalation of the movement and advocates’ efforts to influence legislation and public policy.

Student Connections

Learning by Doing: Reflections on Engaging in Research as a Graduate Student

By Aleta Wurfel & Jennifer M. Cooper

I (Aleta) expected that becoming a graduate research assistant (GRA) would be a valuable learning experience, but did not anticipate growing as much as I did.

Research-Based Practice

Questionable Research Practices and Evidence-Based Practices in School Psychology

By Joseph D'Intino, Ekaterina Lysenko & Steven R. Shaw

To strengthen clinical practices, improve the implementation of evidence-based practices, and to create an evidence-based profession, researchers and clinicians must have a strong understanding of all questionable research practices that affect the quality of research.

Presenters in Focus

Self-Care Is Best Practice

By Paula Gill Lopez

The importance of self-care remains critical amid increasing demands, stress, and burnout among school psychologists. While most school psychologists likely recognize the value of self-care, many may view such practices as a luxury or selfish activity rather than a necessity for effective service delivery.

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