Communiqué Volume 45, Number 5 (January/February 2017)

Featured Article

Thriving in Graduate School
By Lauren A. Wargelin

This article reviews the steps school psychology graduate students and faculty can take to maintain student well-being and help them thrive in graduate school.

Graduate Education

Leadership Development in Graduate Education
By Celeste M. Malone & Elsa C. Arroyos

The formal development of leadership skills for school psychology graduate students is becoming a necessity. This article presents numerous leadership opportunities for graduate students and next steps to take.

Professional Practice

Conditions for Further Study: Proposed Suicidal Behavior Disorder
By Shelley R. Hart & Victoria Smyth

Suicide is a leading cause of death for adolescents and young adults. This article proposes DSM-5 diagnoses and criteria to reflect the prevalence of suicidal behavior.

Research-Based Practice

Helping Homeless, Foster Care, and Juvenile Justice Students
By Jaclyn Gross, Angela Mann, Grai Bluez & Michael L. Sulkowski

This article provides background information on these populations and address issues of stability, school dropout and underachievement, and mental health.

Communication Matters

Introducing Gender Diversity Within an Elementary School
By Amy Glazer

This article shares one school psychologist’s growth experience while working with a gender nonconforming student in elementary school.

Convention News

Supporting Refugee Youth and Families in the School Setting
By Shereen Naser

Refugee students often provide both a unique challenge and an opportunity for school psychologists. This article highlights key points for addressing the needs of these students and families.

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