Integrating the NASP Practice Model Into Graduate Education

Incorporating the NASP Practice Model into graduate education coursework, practicum, and internship is important to reinforcing for students their full scope of practice. The following resources are designed to help graduate educators integrate content effectively and with flexibility to meet the needs of their program.

  • Integrating the NASP Practice Model into Practicum and Internship

    This adaptable presentation is intended for use by graduate educators with their practicum-level students and those going on internship. Content addresses the NASP Practice Model relative to program course sequence, practicum and internship experiences, the relationship between the university and site supervisor, and the importance of the cohort. … more

  • Integrating the NASP Practice Model in School Psychology Supervision

    This adaptable presentation is for use by graduate educators with field supervisors. It includes a brief overview of the 2020 Integrated Standards and the NASP Practice Model and provides school psychology supervisors strategies for fully integrating the NASP Practice Model into school psychology candidates’/mentees’ field experiences. Content focuses on both the 10 domains of practice and the 6 organizational principles and how to identify obstacles and solutions with respect to the NASP Practice Model and supervision of school psychology candidates. … more

  • Integrating the NASP Practice Model in School Psychology Supervision: Evaluating Activities via Q-Sort

    Q methodology, also widely known as Q-sort, is routinely used to assess the reliability, construct validity, and content validity of items in rating scales, rubrics, surveys, and other assessments. In the case of the current activity, participants will initially engage in sorts to determine which activities are most critical to include in an internship experience. The subsequent discussion around activities is intended to broaden our base of activities linked to each domain, while also challenging participants to reflect on the merit assigned to each activity. … more

  • NASP Practice Model Overview Adaptable Presentation: Improving School Psychological Service Delivery Using the NASP Practice Model

    This adaptable presentation provides an overview of the NASP Practice Model with specific recommendations about how to adapt in length (5 minutes to 45 minutes) depending purpose and audience. Slides can be integrated in first year course work or used with key stakeholder groups important to school psychology graduate education partnerships and outcomes for students. … more