VitalSource Bookshelf FAQs

Can I purchase directly from VitalSource Bookshelf?

No, all purchases must come through NASP. The product is not available for sale on the Bookshelf app, only on the NASP website.

How do I access the VitalSource Bookshelf app?

You can download the desktop app for Mac or PC from the VitalSource website and install on your computer. For tablets, install the app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Can I upgrade from the 1-year option to perpetual access?

We cannot facilitate an upgrade from the 1-year access to the perpetual access. You would need to make a new purchase for the perpetual access. We encourage you to consider this when making your original purchase decision.

What languages does the Read Aloud feature support?

The Read Aloud feature will only read in the language in which the text is published. Currently, it is available in English.

Do I need Wi-Fi to access my book?

No, once the app and the book have been downloaded, you can read on the go with the Bookshelf app. Available for download on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.

Can I access the book from my phone?

Yes, either via the Bookshelf app or via your web browser, however we recommend using a computer or tablet instead. The size of tables and figures will be more readable on a larger device.

Is there a preferred browser when using VitalSource publications on the web?

VitalSource does not have a preferred browser and supports many browsers. Learn more about VitalSource’s Bookshelf online browser support.

What is your return policy?

NASP does not offer returns on any digital or electronic products. If you have questions regarding purchasing this electronic product, please reach out to NASP’s publication department at