Homework Organization & Planning Skills Interventions (HOPS), 2nd Edition (Print & Digital)

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The latest edition of Homework Organization & Planning Skills Interventions (HOPS) is here! This practical manual gives you evidence-based interventions for students who struggle with organization, time management, and planning skills. Get session by session instructions, printable forms, strategies for teaching online organization and time management, and multiple intervention adaptations to help students achieve their full academic potential.

New for this edition, HOPS is available for digital use via VitalSource Bookshelf. View the digital edition on your computer or tablet via the Bookshelf app. Use the digital edition to conveniently highlight key information, create flashcards, and access supplemental materials. 

Features in the New Edition

checklistEditable Checklists for Implementation

Download the supplemental materials and modify the behavioral checklists for each student you work with to best suit their specific challenges and goals.

guidanceGuidance on Helping Students Adapt

Assignments may be presented verbally or in writing. Students may need a binder for one class and digital files for another. This edition helps address differences in teacher preferences.

definitionsUpdated Behavioral Definitions

The behavioral definitions used in the checklists have been updated to reflect suggested physical and electronic organization needs.

small groupImplement Individually Or In Groups

This edition helps give greater flexibility to practitioners looking to implement the HOPS intervention not just at the individual student level, but in small groups or within an entire classroom.

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VitalSource Bookshelf Digital Edition

Make Your Experience More Interactive

Use the global search function to find a particular topic. Highlight and color code important passages for later. Make in-line notes as you read, and even create flashcards for quick reference.

Fully Accessible

Customize your viewing experience with 4 font size options, 4 color modes, and a variety of font choices. Set your margins and line height for added white space on the page. Use the text-to-speech tool to read aloud.

Take it With You Anywhere

Read the book on the go however you wish. Read on a browser or via the desktop or mobile app. You can download the book to read offline, and use editable PDFs of the supplemental materials.