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Mental Health Resources

  • School Psychology and Mental Health

    School psychologists are uniquely positioned in schools to facilitate the development, delivery, and monitoring of prompt, effective, and culturally responsive mental and behavioral health services of prevention and intervention.

  • Prevention and Wellness Promotion

    School-based behavioral and mental health prevention and early intervention services promote psychological wellness for all children, improve positive child development, and maximize children's success in schools, families, and communities.


Resource Library

  • Mental & Behavioral Health

    Mental health is as important as physical health to our quality of life. If ignored, mental health problems can interfere with children’s learning, development, relationships, and physical health.

  • School Safety and Crisis

    NASP has made these materials available free of charge to the public in order to promote the ability of children and youth to cope with traumatic or unsettling events.

  • Special Education

    When children are struggling in school or have identified disabilities, parents often must face trying to navigate the complicated world of special education.