Research Summaries

Read the latest research findings on a variety of topics in these research summaries created by NASP leaders and staff.

Policing in Schools
A summary of the research on the effects school police have on students.

School Psychologists’ Perception of the Impact of Digital Media on Academic Performance and Student Well-Being
A summary of the results from a recent survey by NASP and Children and Screens on the impact of digital media on academics and well-being.

Shortages in School Psychology: Challenges to Meeting the Growing Needs of U.S. Students and Schools
Updated for 2021. Find the latest statistics and research findings on shortages in school psychology. 

School Psychologists: Improving Student and School Outcomes
An updated summary of the evidence of the positive impact of school psychologists' efforts. 

Promoting Student Mental Health at School
A summary of the research on improving comprehensive school mental health services featured in School Psychology Review Volume 50.

Mental Health and Academic Achievement
An updated research summary for 2020 on the links between Mental Health and Academic Achievement.

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Supportive Policies and Practices for Learning
See the research summary from the GW/NASP Public Policy Institute. 

Dating Violence: Prevalence, Consequences, Risk Factors, and Prevention
Download an updated version of the research summary prepared for the Office of the Vice President of the United States. 

Effective School Discipline Policies and Practices
Read a summary of the latest research on effective school discipline and its impact on student learning.

Enhancing Conditions for Learning 
Download an updated version of the research handout from the Senate Briefing, Enhancing Conditions for Student Learning and Academic Achievement through Social, Emotional, and Character Development.

Gun Violence and Youth
An updated version of the research summary on youth gun violence with the most up-to-date research and statistics. 

Safe, Supportive Conditions for Learning
View an updated version of the research handout from the Congressional Briefing, Safe, Supportive Conditions for Learning: Making Connections for Student Success

School Security Measures and Their Impact on Students
See research evidence on the impact on students of school security measures such as security guards, metal detectors, and surveillance cameras.

Students Experiencing Family Transitions
Read research on the needs of military, foster, and homeless children. 

Supporting Students' Resilience in the School and Community 
Read research on the impact of social and emotional learning, prevention and mental health promotion, mindfulness, and positive psychology.