Research Partnerships

NASP occasionally enters into research partnerships with outside organizations. Partnership proposals may be submitted at any time to the Director of Research, who forwards them to the NASP Research Committee for review. NASP encourages such partnerships. To be viable, research partnerships should benefit the association as a whole, its members, and/or the profession. Proposals for partnerships will be subjected to stringent evaluation standards. Following approval, a signed agreement between the outside organization and NASP will be executed, in which specific responsibilities are assigned and ownership of the data is specified. 

Proposal Requirements

The proposal must include the following elements:
a. Title page
b. Literature review, including reference to relevant theoretical and extant research literatures
c. Description of the study's unique and substantive contribution to the science and/or practice of school psychology
d. Explanation of the purpose of the research partnership with NASP, including a description of direct benefits for the association
e. Research questions and hypotheses
f. Detailed methodology, including description of the sample, instruments/surveys, and procedures
g. Data analytic plan
h. References

Submission Instructions

1. Each scale or survey developed for the purpose of this partnership must be referenced in the method section and appear in its respective appendix.
2. The proposal must follow the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Sixth Edition).
3. The proposal must be typed using a minimum 10-point font and be no longer than 10 double-spaced pages in length exclusive of title page, references, and appendices.
4. Partnership proposals must be submitted electronically as a single document, and must include the curriculum vitæ (CV) of the principal investigator (PI) and each co-PI.
5. Submit proposals to Nicholas Affrunti, PhD, NASP Director of Research, by e-mail

Provisions for the Protection of Research Participants

If the partnership proposal is approved by the Research Committee, it is the responsibility of the principal investigator to obtain approval from his or her institutional review board (IRB) before a partnership agreement is signed.