Research Funding Awards

Graduate Student Research Grants
The NASP Research Committee supports student-initiated research through its Graduate Student Research Grants (GSRG) program. Up to three $1,000 awards are made each year to students who demonstrate exceptional ability to conduct high-quality research that furthers the mission and goals of NASP and has the potential to impact the field positively. Grant recipients will be announced at the NASP 2022 Annual Convention. Application Instructions
Eligibility: NASP members who are students in either doctoral or non-doctoral school psychology graduate programs are eligible to apply.
Submission deadline: September 2023
Contact: Nicholas Affrunti  (NASP Director of Research),  Jillian Clayton  (NASP Research Committee)
2023 Recipients: Elly Maras, Teagan Twombly, Lauren Marnel Shores


Strategic Goal Research Grant
NASP is pleased to announce the allocation of non-recurring funds to support small grants for research addressing NASP's strategic goals. These may include projects from university faculty or school-based personnel who have not received extramural funding for the project outlined in the proposal. Applicants must demonstrate that this is a “new initiative,” and not just an extension of work they have already done. These grants are not intended to be used to fund ongoing scholarly or research initiatives. Projects supported by these awards must have a clear timeline and set of expected outcomes for the completion of the project. Application Instructions
Eligibility: Any NASP regular or early career member is eligible to apply. Proposals may be co-authored with a non-NASP member.
Submission deadline: March 24, 2023March 31, 2023
Contact: Nicholas Affrunti (NASP Director of Research)
2022 Recipient: Jennifer Cooper