3-Day Basic Training

The 3-day basic training focuses on how federal and state education policy and grassroots advocacy shapes positive learning environments for all students.

The 3-Day Basic Training topics will:

  • Review the foundations of federal law and policy
  • Explore the fundamentals of grassroots advocacy
  • Examine the impact of research, policy and practice on school and student outcomes
  • Explore the sociocultural, political, and economic forces that impact education 
  • Examine the factors that contribute to a high quality public school for all students
  • Explore the policies and practices that are effective for improving engagement and learning for diverse students, including those with disabilities and those who are culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Learn the foundational policy and practice elements contributing to safe and successful schools

In addition to these foundational topics, 3-day participants will begin to explore the 2019 PPI theme, Building Capacity for Safe and Successful Schools: Policy Directions for the Nation, by:

  • Identifying and critically examining the elements that promote and sustain safe school environments that are conducive to learning
  • Learning about the Framework for Safe and Successful schools and the components that promote a balance of physical and psychological safety
  • Reviewing safe school policies and practices that nurture and protect all students, including students with disabilities and culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse populations

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