Topics and Learning Objectives

The 2019 theme is: 

Building Capacity for Safe and Successful Schools:

Policy Directions for the Nation

The general learning objectives of the GW/NASP Public Policy Institute include:

• Learn about how public policies are made and the changing federal role in education
• Examine how policies and practices affect students who face complex barriers to learning
• Examine how schools/districts are creating policies and practices that improve engagement and learning for diverse students
• Learn how to develop advocacy campaigns which can influence legislation, administrative policy, and professional practices
• Develop personal or organizational action plans to promote advocacy agendas
• Engage with national leaders and experience firsthand how legislation is created and advanced on Capitol Hill
• Examine how school psychologists, administrators, teachers, counselors and other stakeholders can more effectively collaborate to provide comprehensive student learning supports.

Some of the critical questions that will be explored as part of this year's PPI theme, Building Capacity for Safe and Successful Schools: Policy Directions for the Nation, include:

• What policies and practices are effective for creating a safe and successful learning environment for all students?
• How does school safety impact access to a high quality public education?
• What are the components of safe and successful schools?
• How do schools promote climates for learning that ensure that all students have equal access including diverse learners?
• What are some of the political and systemic barriers to advancing comprehensive school safety policy and practice?
• How can the Framework for Safe and Successful Schools help schools implement comprehensive school safety policy and practice that balances physical and psychological safety?