Agenda Overview

Below is an overview of the agenda, and you can find a more comprehensive agenda here!  This year's PPI will offer approximately 14 hours of CPD credit with pre-recorded modules and in-person training sessions.

As a PPI participant, your registration will include the following:

  • Access to pre-recorded CPD modules to provide you with a richer experience while in person at PPI

Day 1:

  • History of civil rights policy in education
  • Fundamentals of grassroots advocacy and effective communication
  • Understanding the Federal Education Budget and how education investments support or impede student civil rights
  • Networking and brainstorming with NASP leaders and other PPI participants

Day 2:

  • Strategies to ensure access to a well-rounded, inclusive education in a safe and supportive school environment free of discrimination
  • Policy and practice to uphold the rights of minoritized students
  • Conversations with officials from key federal agencies

Day 3:

  • Spend the day on Capitol Hill advocating for policy and practice that support the civil rights of all students

Previous PPIs

Interested to see what topics and information have been covered at previous PPIs? Check out an overview of NASP's Public Policy Insitute and Advocacy Academy from 2011-2022.


Maria Cornell
Manager of Policy and Advocacy