Capitol Hill Day 2022

The Advocacy Academy experience culminates with a virtual trip to Capitol Hill so participants can begin to apply grassroots advocacy strategies to the federal legislative process.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet with their elected officials and/or staff to share their stories about their work in schools and advocate for policies and practices address the critical shortage of school psychologists in their states and districts. The resources below were used for the 2021 Advocacy Academy. This page will be updated with resources needed for the 2022 Advocacy Academy soon - stay tuned! 


2021 Capitol Hill Day Talking Points (PDF)
These talking points focus exclusively on the shortages of school psychologists and possible legislative solutions. Advocay Academy participants are encouraged to rely on these talking points during their virtual Capitol Hill day. 

NASP Policy Platform   
This 2019-2020 Public Policy and Legislative Platform represents overarching policy goals andrecommendations that support the mission and vision of NASP, promote the guiding principles articulated in Ready to Learn, Empowered to Teach and NASP Position Statements, and help advance the NASP Key Initiatives. The platform also includes specific legislative and/or regulatory goals for thefirst session of the 116th Congress.

Addressing Shortages in School Psychology Resource Guide (PDF)
A summary of resources and recommendations on how you can improve the shortage issue in your community. 

Shortages Infographic (.png)
This infographic explains how shortages in school psychology affect the availability of mental health resources in schools. 

Title IV Funding Infographic (.png)
This infographic explains why fully finding Title IV- Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant is important to school psychologists and will be included in the packets you leave behind after your meeting.

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Rebecca Murdoch
Manager of Policy and Advocacy