Public Policy Institute (PPI): 2022 Advocacy Academy

Creating Equitable Access to School Mental Health Services

Since 2007, NASP has been offering a public policy institute (PPI) focused on building the capacity of NASP members and state school psychology association leaders’ advocacy skills. In July 2021, because of concerns about the pandemic, NASP hosted a 3-day online Advocacy Academy workshop in lieu of the PPI. This experience was distinct from PPI in that it focused more narrowly on the topic of addressing shortages in school psychology, while also offering a pre-academy experience that addressed the fundamentals of grassroots advocacy. Given that the COVID Capitol Hill rules are still impacting the ability to hold face to face meetings with elected officials and their staff, and hosting in-person meetings in the Washington, DC area has not fully resumed, the decision has been made to offer the 2022 experience as a virtual event again.  

This virtual Advocacy Academy will focus on helping state leaders and other interested school psychologists to develop the advocacy skills, strategies, and state association system supports, to enable equitable access to school mental health. Up to 8.75 hours of NASP Approved CPD is available for completion of course requirements.

Through the use of content presentations, dialogue/discussion, interactive hands-on experiences, and collaborative group activities, participants will learn and be able to demonstrate the fundamental knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to develop and implement a grassroots advocacy campaign to support programs and policies that create equitable access to school mental health services.