Funding Opportunities

The Every Student Succeeds Act authorizes numerous funding streams that can be used to offer comprehensive school psychological services. NASP is creating a funding guide that outlines ways that schools can use and combine various funds to implement comprehensive school improvement efforts. This document will be available soon!

Specific Funding Streams to Support Comprehensive School Psychological Ser

ESSA Title IV.   Title IV authorizes substantial funding to help districts improve student mental and behavioral health, address school safety and violence prevention, foster safe and supportive learning environments, and promote overall student wellness.  School psychologists can and should be involved in the implementation of these efforts.    

FY 17 Funding

Congress is currently considering funding levels for FY17. Stay tuned for more information.

Resources from External Stakeholders

List of Authorized Funds in ESSA
Source: Committee for Education Funding

Summary of ESSA Funding Opportunities and Restrictions

Source: Council of Chief State School Officers