Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students and Their Families: Implications for Education and Service Delivery

This position statement and accompanying resource list affirm that school psychologists who serve deaf or hard of hearing students and their families require specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure they can identify and meet the needs of the students and families they serve.

NASP advocates for all school psychologists to increase their skills, awareness, and sensitivity to serve this distinct population. The position statement and resource list should be reviewed in conjunction to best support deaf and hard of hearing students and their families. 

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    Position Statement

    This position statement supports the effective education of and service delivery to students who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. … more

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    Resource List

    This resource list is a companion document to NASP’s position statement “ServingDeaf and Hard of Hearing Students and Their Families: Implications for Education and Service Delivery.” … more

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