Comprehensive School Safety

Policies Addressing Comprehensive School Safety

The nationwide response to the school shootings represents a potential turning point in how policy makers are responding to calls for efforts to improve school safety and prevent school violence. The need for more school psychologists and other school-employed mental health professionals has been at the forefront of the national conversation, as has the need for more effective gun safety laws. NASP believes that efforts to improve school safety must address the continuum of school safety issues, and is working to effectively use the momentum behind this issue to increase access to school-based mental and behavioral health services and work toward implementing coordinated and comprehensive school safety efforts.

Your Voice Matters

Below are a set of resources to help individuals and state associations advocate for the recommended policies and practices to improve school safety. You are encouraged to consult these resources to help you organize and plan for your professional and/or legislative advocacy activities. These materials can, and should, be adapted to meet the unique needs of your local communities and states. For information and resources relating to basic advocacy skills, check out NASP's Policy Playbook. 


Comprehensive School Safety infograph

Policy Playbook

NASP's Policy Playbook, completed and released in 2019, was created to provide tips, advice, and best practices on how to fulfill one of the most important aspects of being a school psychologist: advocacy.