Policy Matters Podcast Series

Along with their Government and Professional Relations (GPR) Committee, NASP has developed the Policy Matters podcast series. This podcast series features interviews with NASP and state association advocacy leaders that help school psychologists understand the current education policy landscape and incorporate advocacy into their daily practice.

NASP 123 The NASP Policy Platform and the Biden Administration
In this first episode, Kari Oyen, cochair of the NASP GPR Committee, and Kelly Vaillancourt Strobach, NASP Director Policy and Advocacy, discuss the NASP Policy Platform and what NASP hopes to see from the Biden Administration. Future episodes will cover advocacy news, tips, and opportunities to make a difference.

NASP 123 Tapping into Your Advocacy Potential
Dr. Julia Szarko, the 2021 School Psychologist of the Year, shares her personal passion for advocacy and provides good advice for individuals looking to impact policy in their communities.