Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Week 2016

By: Christina Koch, Manager of Professional Relations, NASP

April 11-14 is National Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP) Awareness Week. The National Alliance of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (www.nasisp.org, NASP is a member), is sponsoring National SISP Week. We have virtual advocacy activities planned for each day of SISP week, but right now we need you to help get SISP Trending on Twitter by signing up for our Thunderclap beofre Monday, April 11th at 12PM EDT: http://bit.ly/1qrvP6T

Virtual Advocacy Activities for SISP Week:

Monday 4/11: We are setting up a twitter storm using Thunderclap. Once you do that, you don't have to think about it again.  All the tweets will go out at 12PM EDT automatically and make our message "trending on twitter"!  We have to reach 100 tweets to make this work, so spread the word!  

Tuesday 4/12: Reach out to a stakeholder group. NASP has put together a list of Key Stakeholder Groups for ESSA Implementation that will be updated periodically. On it you can find association information, contact information, resources, and examples of decision making authority in ESSA.

Wednesday 4/13: Write your elected officials and ask them to support the Resolution formally acknowledging the importance of SISP and legislation that would increase access to specialized instructional support services and personnel. A prewritten letter can be found on NASP's Advocacy Action Center.

Thursday 4/14: Storm social media to raise awareness about the importance of SISP and the services we provide to teachers and students! Sample messages include: 

  • It's National SISP week! To learn more about the critical role #SISPinSchools play in student success, visit: www.nasisp.org
  • #SISPinSchools support the academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and mental health of all students
  • High quality #SISPinSchools are critical to student success and help address barriers to learning for all students.
  • #SISPinSchools improve collaboration among families, teachers, schools, and students. Our students deserve #SISPinSchools!
  • Urge your members of Congress to support improved access to #SISPinSchools: http://bit.ly/1XgWmxD
  • Have you thanked your #SchoolPsychologist today? #SISPinSchools

Friday 4/15:  Today is "Choose Your Own Advocacy" Day! NASP is asking everyone to do something that acknowledges this week, for example: send an email blast, utilize your personal social media accounts, write a press release, or letter to the editor. You can also get creative and raise awareness however you'd like in your own school about what SISP do, why they are important, and how they serve students.