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School Psychologists are Critical to School Safety and Preventing Violence

The nationwide response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida represents a potential turning point in how policy makers are responding to calls for efforts to improve school safety and prevent school violence.  The need for more school psychologists and other school employed mental health professionals has been at the forefront of the national conversation, as has the need for more effective gun safety laws. It is imperative that we effectively utilize this momentum to increase the availability of school psychologists and access to comprehensive school mental and behavioral health services and work toward implementing coordinated and comprehensive school safety efforts.

Your voice is critical to this advocacy. NASP has developed a new infographic about inappropriate access to firearms and talking points reflective of NASP policy and best practice. These can be used to advocate for: a comprehensive approach to school safety; increased access to mental and behavioral health services; improved ratios for school psychologists as well as more effective use of existing school psychologists, and limiting inappropriate access to firearms.  You are encouraged to use these talking points in conjunction with other NASP resources such as:

If you or your state association would like assistance in advocating for comprehensive school safety and violence prevention policies and practices, please contact Kelly Vaillancourt Strobach, PhD, NASP Director, Government Relations (kvaillancourt@naspweb.org) or Katie Eklund, PhD, NASP Chair, Government and Professional Relations Committee (eklundk@missouri.edu).