NASP Leader Addresses the Effect of Media Coverage on School Violence at Federal Safety Commission Meeting

As a part of NASP's ongoing commitment to working with the Federal School Safety Commission, Ben Ferndandez provided testimony before the commission today regarding the impact of media coverage of school violence, particularly mass shootings. He urged the commission incorporate recommendations on best practices in their report on effective ways to prevent violence and keep our schools and children safe. 

Fernandez also shared ways that leaders can play a role in fostering media coverage that contributes useful information and avoids confusion or harm. Such practices focus on providing factual information and limiting rumors and ensure that staff members and students are aware of the possible risks of speculating or sharing personal experiences with media in the immediate aftermath.

NASP is committed to working with the media, educators, the Administration, and Congress to ensure that schools and communities have the capacity to keep all children safe. For more information, see Responsible Media Coverage of Crisis Events Involving Children and Youth or visit 

Read Ben's written testimony and oral testimony.