Research at NASP

All NASP research initiatives require prior approval from the NASP Research Committee. Members who wish to conduct research with NASP members or using NASP resources must also receive prior approval from the Research Committee. NASP occasionally participates in research partnerships with outside organizations. Requirements and procedures for submitting proposals are specified below. 

Research Opportunities

The Research Committee accepts research proposals for review in these four categories: 

Research by NASP Members 

Research Grants for Graduate Students

Research Partnerships

Research by NASP Committees

Research Committee

The Research Committee coordinates the research activities of the Association and collects and analyzes data that are relevant to the practice and profession of school psychology. It conducts the NASP Membership Survey every five years and the annual evaluation of the Executive Director. For more information, contact the chair, co-chair, or one of the staff liaisons. 

Committee Members

Kathy McNamara, Chair
Cleveland State University

Ryan Farmer
Western Kentucky University

Dan Hyson
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Samuel Y. Kim
Texas Woman's University

Scott Loe
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Jill Snyder
Boston Public Schools

Rachel Salinger, Student Member
University of Delaware

Staff Liaisons

Jeffrey Charvat, Director of Research
Eric Rossen, Director of Professional Development and Standards


Kathy Minke, Executive Director
Celeste Malone, Strategic Liaison, Professional Information Services

Christy Walcott, Co-chair
East Carolina University

Anisa Goforth
University of Montana

Stephen Kilgus
University of Missouri

Steve Landau
Illinois State University

Paul McCabe
Brooklyn College

Ethan R. Van Norman
Georgia State University