ESSA Factsheets for Decision Makers

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) presents significant opportunities to improve outcomes for all students. Areas of particular importance include expanding access to comprehensive school mental health services, promoting a positive school climate, creating schools that are safe and supportive for all students, and implementing assessment and accountability systems that hold all students to high standards, all within multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) that support learning. School psychologists have critical expertise and skills that can help districts and schools advance this work. State and district decision-makers can benefit by engaging school psychologists in planning and decision-making regarding relevant policies and practices.

  • Engaging School Psychologists for Student Success

    ESSA presents significant opportunity for school leaders to shape the systems and services necessary to genuinely improve outcomes for all students. … more

  • ESSA Assessment and Accountability for Decision-Makers

    ESSA presents significant opportunity for school leaders to shape the systems and services necessary to meaningfully improve outcomes for all students. … more

  • ESSA and Multitiered Systems of Support for Decision-Makers

    ESSA provides greater flexibility to states in determining specific practices and service delivery models to improve school climate, increase school safety, and expand access to comprehensive learning supports. MTSS enables the integration of multiple school improvement efforts and represents an effective strategy. … more

  • ESSA School Safety for Decision-Makers

    Effective school safety efforts must be designed, funded, and implemented as a comprehensive school-wide approach that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and builds on a multitiered system of supports designed to meet the unique needs of the school community. … more

  • ESSA School Climate for Decision-Makers

    ESSA explicitly recognizes the strong relationship between positive school climate and student learning and success. It is imperative that school psychologists work with principals, parents, administrators, policy makers, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that schools implement comprehensive, evidence-based initiatives to improve school climate. … more

  • ESSA Mental and Behavioral Health Services for Decision-Makers

    ESSA authorizes various funding streams (e.g., Title I, Title II, and Title IV), including funds specifically reserved for schools identified for targeted support and improvement, to support state and district efforts to improve access to coordinated comprehensive school mental health services. … more