Virtual Hill Day Addendum

To help advance our shared advocacy goals related to school psychologists' roles, school safety, and school mental health, we are adding a Virtual Hill Day during School Psychology Awareness Week. And we need your help!

The increased attention during SPAW makes it a great time to motivate your members to get involved in advocacy that doesn't require an actual trip to the "Hill".  

NASP's Virtual Hill Day focused on federal advocacy will be Wednesday, November 14, 2018. We'd love for state association leaders to plan a Virtual Hill Day for your state on the same day targeting your state legislators. 

A Virtual Hill Day in your state presents an opportunity for you to have proactive conversations with key members of your state legislature before many states enter their legislative sessions in the spring of next year.  

Not sure where to start? Start with NASP's 10 Steps for a Successful SPAW Virtual Hill Day or download our Virtual Hill Day Addendum. 

Here are some adaptable resources you can use for your virtual hill day:

Printable Addendum