NCSP Legislation in State Statutes

There are currently five states with state statutes that award stipends to school psychologists holding the NCSP: Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Nevada, and Oklahoma. The passage of state legislation awarding stipends to school psychologists holding the NCSP is more likely to be supported in states where:

  1. Teachers and administrators are awarded a stipend for earning National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.
  2. A shortage of school psychologists is documented resulting in the need for recruitment and retention incentives.
  3. Some individual school districts have already passed board policies supporting the awarding of stipends to professionals holding national certification.
  4. The legislative proposal is fully funded by state funds and does not require local school districts to contribute.
  5. The state legislature and department of education have a powerful influence on local school district practices.

The statutory language for awarding NCSP school psychologists will differ from state to state. 

Colorado Revised Statutes Colorado Revised Statutes, 22-2-504

Delaware Title 14, Chapter 13

Louisiana Revised Statutes RS 17:421.9

Oklahoma National Board Certification Resources