Power of One, Creating Caring Connections Recognition Program

The Power of One, Creating Caring Connections recognition program is designed to reinforce the power that school psychologists have to create meaningful and transformative connections with students, families and staff. School psychologists often work with youth and families who are in vulnerable positions and demonstrating the value we place on human relationships is not only comforting, but empowering.

Creating caring connections is imbedded in school psychologists training. Consultation, direct service delivery, individualized learning and interventions, understanding and respecting diversity, and advocacy on behalf of what is best for students all require connecting with individuals and helping others connect positively with each other. Creating caring connections is also about finding how best to connect need with supports, challenges with solutions, and barriers with the skills to overcome them. It is also about taking advantage of opportunities to communicate with others and share one’s time, interests, and talents. It is about celebrating with and recognizing the joys and accomplishments of others.

The goal is to publicly celebrate, recognize, and honor fellow school psychologists’ special contribution to students’ positive outcomes and to others in the school community and field. This can include a colleague or colleagues, a school psychology leader who has made a special difference, or a school psychologist who has served an important role in one’s career.

Recognition awards can be given during national School Psychology Awareness Week (November 11–15, 2019) or at any time during the year. They can be awarded by school psychologists, administrators, other school staff or members of the community.  

We have designed the “Power of One” recognition program to be as easy for you to participate in as possible.

  1. Share this overview with supervisors or other school leaders who may want to recognize a school psychologist or their team of school psychologists. 
  2. There are no specific criteria for selection a recipient, other than that you can describe how this school psychologist has chosen to create caring connections to make a difference in someone’s life.
  3. Select more than one person if you feel it appropriate.
  4. You will be able to present them with a personalized certificate, downloadable from the NASP website. The certificate is signed by NASP President and NASP Executive Director.
  5. Post the name(s), school/district of the recipients on the NASP website which will then be compiled in a national list of “Power of One” recipients.
  6. Send a letter to your building and/or district administrators and/or school board informing them that this individual(s) has been recognized as a “Power of One” recipient and why. Again, there is a sample/adaptable letter.
  7. Display the School Psychology Awareness Week poster that you receive in your October CQ. There is also a downloadable 8½” x 11” color PDF version available online as well.
  8. Distribute the School Psychology Awareness Week bookmarks, available in packs of 100 for $10 through the NASP Bookstore.


Create Certificate

Download and print your personalized Power of One, Creating Caring Connections Certificate to recognize outstanding contributions to children's success.

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