National School Psychology Week (NSPW) 2019 Highlights

Thank you to all the incredible NASP members who took place in another successful National School Psychology Week (NSPW). Below are a few highlights from this year’s celebration. Keep in mind that these creative ideas can be effective any time of the year. If you did not have a chance to participate in NSPW this year, consider doing an activity this spring, perhaps during Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Also, don’t forget about the Student POWER Award, Possibilities In Action Partner Award, and Gratitude Works programs that offer effective, easy ways to highlight the positive connections students and staff are making in your schools.

Share with us your NSPW activities by completing the 2019 NSPW Activity Feedback Form!

Sharing Experiences and Reflections


"Tennessee governor Bill Lee released a proclamation acknowledging National School Psychology Week. This document was proudly displayed at our state conference during the week directly following NSPW. Our graduate student organization at Middle Tennessee State University hosted a number of activities throughout the week: Mon: Posted on social media to educate family & friends on what school psychologists do & how they are vital to schools. Tues: Encouraged our classmates & reminded each other of why we chose this career. Wed: Sent 44 letters to our state representatives. Thurs: Created t-shirts summarizing our career & presented in undergraduate psychology classes. Fri: Sent 26 letters of gratitude & donated food to a local school."

- Evelyn Abbott, Student Leader, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN


"Monday I used the Find Your Focus graphic on my Facebook profile. Tuesday I sent my staff the Who Are School Psychologists flyer and infographic by email, and invited my FB friends to share what they think I do. Wednesday, I used the FYF greeting card to promote self care and sent an email with an article about self care techniques. I responded to notes on FB and shared a NASP infographic about my job. Thursday I used a magnifying glass template to praise my SPED PLC members individually (along with chocolate). I shared a NASP infographic on responding to acts of school violence in light of the school shooting on this day. Friday we made a magnifying glass with chocolate for the school psych at my daughter's school."

- Heather Randall, School Psychologist, Elmhurst Elementary, Tacoma, WA


"In addition to diplaying the poster, I asked students and faculty to fill in the magnifying glass with what their focus is for the day, week, year...whatever they chose and I posted this on a bulltein board along with the poster. I aso sent out thank you notes to many teachers and staff who I noticed going out of their way for students. I attached a salty or sweet snack to the thank you note. I also created a mindfulness bullentin board for students that had take away activites they could use to practice mindfulness. We also gave students opportunites to use a virtual reality meditation tool we have in our library. "

- Phyllis Walters, School Psychologist, Collier County Public Schools, Naples, FL


A "Find Your Focus" bulletin board was set up outside of the school psychologists office at Northlake Elementary School in Longview, Washington. 

- Lizbeth Ramirez, School Psychologist, Northlake Elementary School, Longview, WA