Leveraging the “A” in #SPAW2020 as Part of NSPW

Social media is an important medium for getting the word out about National School Psychology Week (formally known as School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW)) and engaging others. We are sticking with the hashtag #SPAW2020 in this transition year for logistical reasons and will be tapping into the “A” to highlight different important concepts each day of the week. NASP members will have the opportunity to share information and activities promoting the featured concept each day.

Monday=Awareness: Highlighting the comprehensive role of the school psychologists with a specific focus on the 2020 NASP Practice Model and our “It’s What We Do” Push Project.

Tuesday=Appreciation: Focused on the incredible work school psychologists do day-in and day-out (you can also show appreciation for others if you choose to do so). 

Wednesday=Advocacy: Encouraging advocacy for legislative policies and practices at the state and national levels, building on our virtual Hill Day of the past few years.

Thursday=Allyship: Raising up the importance of our work advancing social justice and equity for students and their families, especially those who experience systemic injustice and marginalization.

Friday=Affirmation: Celebrating pride in our profession and acknowledging the critical importance of self-care as professionals and as individuals.

Adaptable Resources

Any of the NSPW adaptable resources and suggested activities can be used to promote the theme and the 5 “A” concepts leading up to and throughout the week.  We also have specific recommended activities each day to get you started. Be sure to participate in our Advocacy Action Day efforts.

Resources are designed to be flexible to work with members’ specific goals and ca be adapted to students or adults, different age groups, various stakeholders, and multiple contexts.

Be sure to share your event with us through our feedback survey https://apps.nasponline.org/research-and-policy/spaw/feedback/feedback.aspx and tweet with the #SPAW2020 hashtag.


Placeholder ImageThe annual NASP NSPW poster can be used in many different ways to inspire all school personnel to help students thrive! The poster is also available in Spanish

Social Media Activation