Advocacy Action Day

To help advance our shared advocacy goals related to school psychologists' roles, school safety, and school mental health, NASP is coordinating its second annual state and federal Advocacy Action Day during School Psychology Awareness Week. And we need your help!

The increased attention to school psychology during SPAW makes it an ideal time for you to get involved in advocacy - and it won't even require a physical trip to your state capitol!  

Advocacy Action Day presents an opportunity for you to have proactive conversations with key members of your state legislature before many states enter their legislative sessions in the spring of next year. On Advocacy Action Day, we will ask you to:  

1.    Send a letter to or call the office of your elected state representative

2.    Post a message to social media, reinforcing the message

3.    Send a letter to the office of your elected federal representative  

All of this will not take you any more than 5 minutes.  

NASP's Advocacy Action Day will take place on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Resources for State Associations

Below are a set of useful resources that we've developed to assist leaders of state associations in their efforts - and, we've made these resources adaptable for you to use at any point throughout the year; not just during SPAW! We additionally encourage you to utilize NASP's recently released Policy Playbook for your message development efforts.

Advocacy Action Day Information for States (from SPAW Resource Guide)

Sample letter to state legislators

Sample social media

Sample press release

Sample email to members

Sample letter to congressional delegation