Communications Strategies & Resources

Effective communications and advocacy are vital to achieving the goals and objectives of school psychology, whether you are trying to improve services at the building level, secure funding at the state level, or shape policy at the federal level. At its core, advocacy is about getting others to understand an issue from your perspective and then take appropriate action. This requires knowing what you want to communicate, how, and to whom. There is a fairly straightforward process for this that involves understanding the context within which you are trying to create change, knowing the key stakeholders in moving change forward, and developing effective messaging.

Advocacy and Communications

Placeholder ImageNASP has compiled tips for developing an effective communications strategy, working with stakeholders, and working with the media.

Advocacy Communications Resources

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NASP has created these resources to help you just start your advocacy work on social media and in your district.

Examples of Effective Communications

Placeholder ImageUse these real-world examples from the Leadership in Action Spotlight, NASP press releases, and other media examples to guide your advocacy work.