Student POWER Award

The Student POWER Award is a way to recognize one or more students of any age for exceptional efforts and individual achievements. This award is focused on personal goals and achievements, and was created with the purpose of honoring those students who, through the support of others and their own efforts, make a difference in their own lives or the lives of others.

Specifically, the award recognizes students for progress towards goals, personal optimism, willing problem solving, eagerness to work hard, and dedication to others.

  1. We have developed a set of suggested guidelines for helping you select the Student POWER Award recipients in your school(s), available online.
  2. Select more than one student if you feel it appropriate, but be sure they truly meet the criteria and stand out.
  3. You will be able to present them with a personalized certificate. Click here to download the certificate signed by the NASP President and the NASP Executive Director.
  4. Submit the name(s) and school of the student recipients on the NASP website, which will then be compiled in to a national list of Student POWER Award recipients.
  5. Send a letter to your building and/or district administrators and/or school board informing them that this individual(s) has been recognized as a Student POWER Award recipient. Click here for a sample adaptable letter.
  6. Send a letter to parents notifying them that their child has been selected to receive the Student POWER Award. Click here for a sample letter.
  7. Send a press release to your local paper(s). Click here for a sample press release.
  8. Display the “Connect the Dots and THRIVE!” poster that you receive in your October Communiqué. Click here for a downloadable 8½” x 11” color PDF version.
  9. Distribute “We're All In! Teams Work!” bookmarks.

Start planning now so you are ready to go when November comes along. We are excited to hear about your activities. Please let us know what you do by e-mailing the NASP Communications Chair, Rika Olley, at or the NASP Director of Communications, Kathy Cowan, at

Have fun with this program!

Create Certificate


Download and print your personalized Student POWER Award Certificate to recognize outstanding contributions to children's success.

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