School Climate—#ConnectTheDots

How students learn and develop can be heavily influenced by their environment. The degree to which students feel connected, accepted, and respected in their school can affect their academic achievement and mental health in a profound way. NASP President Todd Savage has made improving school climate the focus of his term. Over the next year, NASP will be highlighting how connecting the dots between students, teachers, families, and communities with evidence-based, effective strategies can improve school climate. Learn more, share your stories, and #ConnectTheDots!

Improving School Climate

A school's climate is the result of many factors, but can be summed up by how engaged students are by their teachers, how welcomed they are by their peers, and how invested their family is in helping them achieve their best. School psychologists have access to a number of evidence-base practices to improve school climate such as positive behavioral interventions and supports, bullying prevention strategies, positive discipline policies, and home-school collaboration, all of which can improve the context for learning and the student's chance at success.

How Do You #ConnectTheDots?

School psychologists work every day to connect students, schools, and communities in ways that helps them all succeed. Whether by instituting universal social-emotional screening, helping implement a behavior management intervention, or advocating for positive discipline policies, our members have the expertise to know what strategies work and the training to put them into practice. NASP is asking school psychologists around the county how they connect the dots to improve school climate. Use #ConnectTheDots on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram to share your story.

NASP 2016 Annual Convention

The #ConnectTheDots campaign will be a focus at the NASP 2016 Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA, February 10-13. NASP President Todd Savage will deliver the opening address focusing on the theme, and will be joined by keynote speaker Janet Mock. The convention will feature the President's Strands-selected sessions that will help practitioners develop the expertise essential to improving school climate.

Share Your Story!

Help spread the word about the importance of and effective ways to create school climates in which all students THRIVE. Use #ConnectTheDots @nasponline on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your story.