Research & Policy

Public Policy Institute (PPI)

capitalNASP annually offers a federal public policy institute to build the knowledge and skills of school psychologists and state association leaders regarding legislative and grassroots advocacy. 


NASP's Advocacy Team offers numerous resources and information about current public policy events and legislative priorities, specific advocacy action requests, information about how to contact your elected officials, and others to help you become an effective advocate for school psychology and the children and families we serve.


Many state and federal laws and regulations directly impact school psychologists and their role and function in schools. NASP carefully monitors state and federal legislation and offers support or voices opposition based on official NASP professional positions and policy platform. These positions are articulated by Position Statements, Resolutions, and White Papers that are approved by our Board of Directors and/or the Leadership Assembly.

NASP Policy Platform

This 2022-2023 Federal Public Policy and Legislative Platform represents overarching policy goals and recommendations that support the mission and vision of NASP, promote the guiding principles articulated in Ready to Learn, Empowered to Teach and NASP Position Statements, and help advance the NASP Key Initiatives. The platform also includes specific funding, legislative, and regulatory goals for Congress, the White House, and federal agencies.

Public Comments and Testimony