School Psychology Review

Social Justice Through a School Psychology Lens: Definition and Applications

David Shriberg, Mike Bonner, Brianna J. Sarr, Ashley Marks Walker, Megan Hyland, Christie Chester

pp. 453-468

Special Topic: Promoting Social Justice

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Abstract. Social justice is an aspiration that most, if not all, school psychologists likely support, yet there is a lack of research delineating how this term translates to school psychology practice. This article presents the results of a Delphi study of 44 cultural diversity experts in school psychology regarding (a) defining social justice from a school psychology perspective, (b) identifying priority social justice topics, (c) identifying social justice advocacy strategies, and (d) identifying opportunities and barriers to social justice work in school psychology. Results indicate a need for school psychologists to engage in advocacy and equity work that both supports the rights and opportunities of all and recognizes potential obstacles to this work, including the lack of diversity in the profession and institutional power structures that work against justice in education.