School Psychology Review

Editorial Note: Emerging Trends for Expanding the Science Base

Thomas J. Power

pp. 3-4

Special Topic: Promoting Academic Competence for Underserved Students

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One of the unique privileges of being Editor of School Psychology Review is that I have the opportunity to observe developments in the field when they are in their early stages of taking shape. Every article published in school Psychology Review passes through astringent peer review process and presents research that is judged to expand the science base in psychology and education. As such, Iam excited to present this issue and each issue of School Psychology Review, because each of the articles makes a substantive and unique contribution to the science base. In reflecting on the articles included in this issue, two thoughts came to mind: (a) our research community is starting to address the critical need for a science base to promote the academic competence of students at substantial risk of failure—that is, those who are minorities by virtue of cultural and linguistic background and socioeconomic circumstance; and (b) our research community is beginning to move beyond the period of speculation about how to integrate a positive psychology approach into research and practice.