School Psychology Review

Strategies for the Primary Prevention of Adolescent Suicide

John M. Davis, Jonathan Sandoval, Milton P. Wilson

pp. 559-569

Mini-Series on Primary Prevention: From Theory on Practice and Mini-Series on Research Methods in School Psychology

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ABSTRACT: Adolescent suicide and suicide prevention have come to be much discussed, written about, and even researched topics. This article provides an overview of research and programs aimed specifically at the primary prevention of adolescent suicide.In addition to reviewing person-centered suicide prevention, educational programs for students, school personnel, and parents, screening, mental health consultation,and competence-building programs are discussed. Next, institutionally oriented prevention involving policy setting at the district, community, and state levels are outlined. The authors then point out issues related to adolescent cognitive development, the social milieu of the school, and law that must be addressed in any successful program. Several model programs and resources on this topic have been referenced throughout the paper.