School Psychology Review

Reviews of Psychodiagnostic Evaluation of Children: A Casebook Approach, Instructional Consultation

Beth Doll, Howard M. Knoff

pp. 693-697

Mini-Series on Primary Prevention: From Theory on Practice and Mini-Series on Research Methods in School Psychology

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Psycho diagnostic Evaluation of Children is intended to serve as a textbook in child evaluation for students in applied psychology training programs.The authors argue effectively that child evaluation is much more than the sum of diagnosis,testing, report writing, and recommendations. they have written this text to provide an integrative experience that combines psychological theory,knowledge of contemporary issues, and assessment skill into effective child evaluation. The book is organized into two sections. The first quarter of the book is five chapters of text discussing issues related to child evaluation. The remaining three quarters is a collection of assessment protocols and data for 21 case examples. Instructors are advised to adopt a case-centered approach by using these cases to illustrate material discussed in the first five chapters.