School Psychology Review

Preventing the Leading Killer of Children: The Role of the School Psychologist in Injury Prevention

Lizette Peterson

pp. 593-600

Mini-Series on Primary Prevention: From Theory on Practice and Mini-Series on Research Methods in School Psychology

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ABSTRACT: Injuries are the leading cause of death in children. Currently, knowledge concerning unintentional injuries is evolving from superstitious beliefs that injuries are a product of fate, toward beliefs that environmental and, more recently, behavioral interventions can prevent injuries. The present article describes the targets,methods, and tactics of injury prevention. Then, some exemplary programs that may prevent injuries in children riding in automobiles, crossing streets,encountering strangers, exiting house fires, and reporting emergencies are presented. Next, comprehensive injury prevention programs are discussed. Finally,implementation of injury prevention programming by school psychologists is urged,and the challenges and rewards of such endeavors considered.