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The Transition of Adopted From Abroad/Postinstitutionalized Children to Life in the United States

By Ramzia Duszynski, Jolanta Jonak, Karla Garjaka, & Anna M. Jankowska

Adoption and Foster Care, pp. 32-43

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ABSTRACT: Children adopted from foreign countries, especially those who were in an orphanage, may experience greater difficulties than culturally or linguistically diverse children who do not come from such a background. Delays in learning language and, consequently, slower cognitive and social development, can undermine the academic success of these students, despite the implementation of standard strategies for culturally or linguistically diverse children. Left unaddressed, the achievement gap for these children may widen, leaving these children on a trajectory for failure. Recommended strategies include early recognition and assessment, plus school and home interventions focused on the unique needs of these children.